SparkLink Alliance launches new white paper on wireless battery management system


On Dec. 21 of 2022 Smart Automobile group of SparkLink Alliance hosted an ad hoc online meeting to approve a new project working on white paper of Wireless Battery Management System.

The meeting is chaired by QIN Kongjian, chief expert of China Automotive Technology and Research Center and chief engineer of China Automotive Technology (Beijing).

The wireless battery management system (wBMS) has advantages of wire harness saving, easy installation, simplified design, improved volume utilization and easy maintenance over the wired system, and therefore becomes an important trend in the development of power battery industry. The emerging of more and more commercial applications of wBMS enriches end-to-end application scenarios and gradually matures ecology of product and industrial chain from upstream to downstream. The SparkLink technology features prominently in the high-density networking, high communication rate, low delay, high reliability, and synchronization accuracy. All these lay solid ground for SparkLink based wBMS solution. To promote the development of wBMS and improve intelligent level of power batterand new energy vehicles, the white paper intends to promote consensus of the industry and collaboration with more patterners.